An hour and 45mn makes me depressed

*sigh* I feel like we really aren't making much progress with Vito's separation issues. Today was Lance's obedience class so I left Vito at home again. Last night I even bought some "calming pills" from Petsmart. I was going to buy the DAP plug in but when I saw the price I thought otherwise, so chamomile flower + pills it was! Anyway, I gave Vito a pills, and a pigs ear and threw him in the kennel while I left with Lance. The video footage shows Vito chewing the bone for only 5 minutes before stopping and barking/pacing/panting/whining for the next 1hr 45mn until Adam came home. That is a long time to not settle down. I feel that this confirms that Vito really does have bad anxiety issues and that it can't just be frustration and learned behavior. I don't really know what to do. I guess I haven't actively been working on his kennel in a while, so I could go back to shaping quiet while I am gone for 1mn, 2mn, etc, but I don't know if that is really going to help. Vito really does love his kennel- he will drive into any kennel from 30ft away and is pretty good about staying in it with the door open as long as he can see me and I'm less then 15ft away. I actually emailed the great Susan Garrett today (the inventor of Crate Games!) about Vito and will see if she responds; I doubt she will have time too, but fingers crossed!

Vito is staying true to his 1lb/wk and now weighs 18lbs at 18wks of age.

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