How embarassing!

Lance is a little sad right now. He totally biffed it in agility class today, right in front of everybody. Very embarrassing.

We were working on getting speed over the a-frame and not really worrying about contact criteria for right now. Lance of course was super fast but completely flew off the a-frame not even close to the contact. So the next round the instructor decided to put a jump close to the end of the a-frame to prevent Lance from flying off to early. Well I send Lance over and he of course runs at full speed. I watch as his face changes from pure joy to a look of "oh shit" and terror as he crashes into the jump at the bottom. I see it in slow motion as Lance's butt flies into the air and his face slams into the ground at my feet. Is it bad that I burst into laughter (of course after giving some cuddle time).

His chin is a little red but mainly he's just cursing and wondering how that jump popped out from nowhere :)

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