Vito's 5month video

I posted a video of Vito's 19th & 20th week today.

He is doing really well with the backward circles, but he definitely has one way he likes more than the other. I also did his first session of "cleaning up" this week. At first Vito was really confused as I used his big dish; all he wanted to do was try to stand in it. Vito just couldn't understand why I was in his way!

I think he is going to be a midget though. Vito is almost 21wks old and only weighs 19.4lbs. I've read that a puppy is 75% of their weight by 6months, so at this rate Vito is only going to be 30lbs!!! Ahh! I love BIG dogs, like Newfie and Berner size, they just don't have the drive I want. So even the average size toller is smaller than I really like! When we enter agility trials Vito is going to be in the tiny class. People will think I bred for a "mini toller" so I would be in an easier height class! Oh little Vito! I suppose I must say that I will love you anyway, but fingers crossed you are just a late bloomer :)

Carol  – ( March 27, 2009 at 9:37 PM )  

Guess you will have to increase the rations!! He was keeping up to the wt=age rate so well.

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