Flying Zoe

I am getting so pissed at Zoe right now. Right now she has spent less time out of her cage at this evening's playtime than in time out. I wrote awhile back how she has discovered her ability to jump the babygates that keep her confined to the living room. Apparently she wants freedom, freedom to run right under the bed, or behind the dresser, or under the fridge, where she hides, quivering in excitement, because we can't catch her. Little brat. She had stopped doing it for awhile, but today she has an obsession. As soon as we let her out from timeout she sprints over the nearest gate and tries to fly over. This little 2lb thing sails over 3ft. None of the other ferrets have even tried to do this, either they're too nice, too supid, or not atheltic enough, I don't know. We apparently have to think of something, and fast, to prevent her from getting into the rooms.

And yeah, I know I'm giving a time out to a ferret, but it at least makes me feel better.

And she is always the first one to escape into the bathroom when someone exits. All of them gather, and I swear they know the sound of the toilet flush predicts the door opening shortly.

And of course, once Zoe is in, it leaves room for the others to enter!

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