Vito the tripod

Vito is becoming a man! Well as much of a man as he can being a eunuch an all. He is starting to lift he leg when he pees! I know this may sound gross, but I wish I had a picture! You see, Vito is hiking his leg in the air so high it goes even higher than his head. He wobbles back and forth has he tries to balance on 3 leg and is truly a sight to see. Vito apparently thought that it is too wussy to lift his leg just a little and goes all out. I almost wonder if I created this by teaching Vito to lift one back leg on cue :)

At Petsmart today I did a demonstration that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I love Susan Garrett's video where she talks about creating a high energy dog (you should really watch it if you haven't seen it; if you really need to you can skip to 49 sec in )

But since Lance doesn't tug crazy enough yet, I have been waiting until Vito got a better "drop it" to try. Well today was the day! I modified Susan's demo to talk about the rules of tug and how not to do "drop it." It took Vito a little bit to really start tugging, but once he started Vito was crazy! I cursed "Bad dog" at him and Vito growled a ton! I'm so proud :)

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