Lance's Obedience Trial Day2

15 points. That's how many points off Lance got deducted in the ON-leash heeling. It was horrendous. I didn't even think it was possible to be that horrible. There were very few moments where Lance did anything resembling a heel. On the positive side, he only got 7 points off in the off-leash heeling. only 7. *sigh* At least his stand for exam was perfect and he didn't move in the group stays so didn't lose any more points. However, he looked like he was really thinking about getting up in both the sit and down stay, thankfully he stayed put and just settled for little fidgeting movements. His recall was decent, however on the finish Lance took quite a long time to get in position as he studied the crowd behind him on his way to heel, only 1 point off though for crooked sits. We somehow still managed to qualify with a 175/200. Ridiculous.

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