Lance's Obedience Trial- Day1

I decided to enter Lance in the AKC National Obedience Invitational Regional Competition Obedience Trials this weekend. Not to actually qualify and go to Nationals, but to give Lance some practice being in the ring. I entered him in Novice B since even though he already has the novice title he is not ready for open.

I felt he did amazing! Generally Lance is an angel in practice with perfect unwavering attention, but in a new ring he falls apart. Part of that is being distracted and part of it is my nervous body language making him stressed. But today Lance was the most focus he has ever been in an obedience show (rally-o and run-throughs excluded)! He wasn't perfect, but I didn't have to struggle to get eye contact, he caught up and sat for each halt, and was just a good boy!

I felt it was a really hard pattern as well. There were 3 about turns and that is where I typically lose Lance. Today wasn't an exception as he always lagged after the about turn, but at least he caught up with me today. On the figure 8's he was again lagging on the outside turn, but was able to catch up for the inside turn. His stand for exam was perfect! On the off leash heel I had to use an extra command right away as he looked away right as I started moving and didn't follow, but he did pretty well the rest of the pattern. Right before the last about turn he lagged and crossed sides, but at least when I turned without him it put him back on left side of me! I felt his recall was superb! The judge knocked a point of for crooked sits, but I thought it was the best Lance had ever done in terms of speed, straightness, and attention! When it came time for the group stays, Lance didn't even waver when the dog next to him sprinted towards his owner half way through the sit (a woman yelled, very loudly, Rover COME! in the next ring).

His total score was a 186, so it wasn't his best score (not his worst either), but I really don't feel the score reflected his performance today I am very proud of Wonder Boy!

I have to work tomorrow so we're not entered, but Sunday we'll be back!

Kristi W.  – ( April 26, 2009 at 11:04 AM )  

Super cute photo!
My sister-in-law is in love with Lance. She wants a corgi so bad.

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