Growing up

Vito is officially a "big boy." Not really in weight or height yet (although he is 21.5lbs now!), but today was his first real day with the big dogs in daycare. He was in area 1 which is the area in between the crazy/rowdy dogs and the calmer/older dogs. Vito absolutely loved it! There were a lot of other puppies in that playgroup today and he had fun wrestling with everyone. He was also especially excited to be reunited with his true love Harleigh. Harleigh is a couple of days older than Vito and is a rottie/lab mix. She graduated to the big dogs last week and Vito really misssed her. She was generally the main dog he playedwith in the small dog area.

However Vito cheated on Miss Harleigh Loo today and as a parent I must say that I disapprove of his new fling- an big, older, golden retriever gentlemen named Brody. Vito was obsessed with trying to cuddle with Brody and humping him as well. Oh young love :) Unfortunately for Vito all the other young pups also wanted Brody and he denied them all.

As an update on his separation anxiety...there is none. He still freaks out when left alone. Right now he is in his kennel crying (luckily softly) and ignoring his yummy bone. He knows I am home, but just can't see me. Earlier this evening he cried the entire 100mn he was left in his crate while I was at Lance's agility practice. So zero progress.

But he is learning to clean up now :) I'm teaching him to put eggs in a basket for Easter!

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