APDT weekend!

The past two days have been spent at my first APDT rally trial!  It was a lot of fun, APDT is so much cooler then AKC!  I really enjoyed the extra challenges that APDT has such as the longer courses, married signs, and even weird places where you leave your dog in the middle of the course!  And of course the opportunity to surprise Lance was a treat in the middle of the course was just too cool. 

It was a great weekend with wonderful funny and helpful judges and a great sense of community from the show goers.  I never felt that level of commoderie in an AKC trial before so I don't know if it was APDT, Minnesota Mixed Breed Club, or what but it was nice to feel so welcomed.  Everyone did so well at the show!

Day 1

Trial 1, Level 1A:  209, 1st.
We lost our point on the bonus sign on call front-side step since Lance was crooked.  I side stepped left and surprisingly his butt was crooked left so he actually over compensated with his rear!  I was very very happy!  I think his eyes were on me the entire time except for a little bit on the serpentine.  I completely forgot I could treat until halfway through the course so Lance got one little treat and then I forgot again.

Trial 2, Level 1A: 210, 1st, high in trial.
Lance wasn't quite as attentive in this 2nd trial of the day.  He still had his eyes on me for most of the course, but there were also more quick look aways then before.  I think we've only done a double once before so he's not used to having to perform twice!  I don't know what he would do if we did 4 runs like some people :P  But I was still happy with this performance.  I guess you can't complain too much about a perfect score :)

Day 2
Trial 3, Level 1A: 208, 1st.
Lost 1pt for forging, 2nd pt lost on the bonus for a crooked front.  Again Lance was very attentive except for one small section of the course.  That section is where we lost a point since Lance was not paying attention to my U turn and I almost bumped into him.  I remembered to treat more today though!  This run got us our RL1 title with an award of excellence!

Trial 3, Level 2A: 210, 1st.
Off leash!  Lance moves up to level 2!  So happy with this run.  Lance's eyes were glued to me almost the entire time.  What a great corgi!

I thought Lance was extremely attentive both days and had a great, confident attitude!  He was always slightly forged but not as dramatically as he can be.  Some of his fronts, halts, and pivots can use some work in the straightness department, like always.  But Lance was just on this weekend!  Really, 2 perfect scores, and 4/4 first places, who could ask for more?

Lance really likes rally and we will continue to play in APDT.  I think the fact that I can talk to him on course helps him a lot, and plus the constant changes of direction makes it so he can't check out on me.  And now that I can give him treats in the ring I hope that this will help associate even greater things with being IN the ring.  Thanks to all who pushed us to try APDT!

Bonus thought
Vito  was at the trial all day on Saturday and half of Sunday and did SUPER in his kennel!  Zero whining even when I was out of sight for a long time.  I even saw him close his eyes towards the end of Saturday!  Of course it helped that he could see people going in and out and Lance was with him for most of the time, but I am so proud of him!

Crystal  – ( February 8, 2010 at 8:47 PM )  

Congrats again.

I haven't shown in AKC, obviously, but I've done a TON of APDT. My experience with APDT has been overwhelmingly positive, with lots of friendly people, and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

MMBC is pretty awesome, too, though the two UKC MMBC shows I've been to didn't seem quite the same. I definitely think the combo of MMBC and APDT is something special. :)

Megan  – ( February 8, 2010 at 10:32 PM )  

It's SUPER Lance! You two did a really, really nice job! I'm so happy you came out to play!

It's definitely a combination of MMBC and APDT. The atmosphere of both, combined, is just fabulous.

Glad you had fun, and you're coming out to play again!

Kathie R  – ( February 8, 2010 at 10:50 PM )  

AWESOME!!! Congrats on a great weekend of Rally trials!

Dawn  – ( February 9, 2010 at 7:03 AM )  

Congrats again, you guys did great. It was fun, I thought.

Jenna Z  – ( February 9, 2010 at 12:28 PM )  

WOW< awesome work!!! That camaraderie and friendliness if just the way APDT is, isn't it great! Coming from AKC to APDT like you, I think there is maybe a TINY bit lowered expectations in the ring, especially in level 1A. They sometimes seem so shocked when people and their dogs are PREPARED for the every sign and complete them satisfactorily. We have had some dogs come in to the ring who were WAY under-trained and it is frustrating to watch. But that happens in AKC too, I guess, confirmation people who sort of bride their dog around to each station just to get the minimum score and a title out of it. But let's not think about that! You and Lance looks totally awesome!!! And that's a great idea to use rewards in the ring in APDT to build up positive experiences in the ring!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( February 9, 2010 at 6:23 PM )  

Wow, what a fantastic weekend -- Lance and you really cleaned up!! Congrats on all the great performances and results! My internet is ultra-slow tonight so I haven't been able to watch the videos. Lance must have been so surprised to receive a treat on course. CARO rally (in Canada) allows treats on course too, for which I am VERY grateful!

Honey the Great Dane  – ( February 9, 2010 at 6:35 PM )  

Oh, that's great news about Vito - he's come a long way!!

What a fantastic weekend - and Lance did so great! You must be so proud of him! :D


Mango  – ( February 10, 2010 at 5:29 AM )  

Lance! You are amazing! I did not see any mistakes at all, but those judges are most fussy. Poor Vito, all in lockdown. I guess he has figured out that being a big cry baby doesn't get him anywhere.


P.S. Momma was training PeeWee in the dog cave and I totally broke the latch on the dividing door and barged in to get some action for ME! Guess Master will have to work on that piece of hardware, but I am doing MUCH better sitting still whilst PeeWee does his dumb bouncing moves.

achieve1dream  – ( February 10, 2010 at 10:27 AM )  

Fantastic job!!!! I can see why you liked this trial more. Lance is such a good boy!

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