A CPE agility weekend!

This past weekend was our first 2 day agility trial!


Full house, level 2:
We start off with a bang!  Full house is a point game so you can make up your own course and I decide to try his very first weave poles in a trial.  We nail them! And the entire course Lance is fast, reads me well, no issues!  I end way under the allotted time with 32 points for a Q and 1st (out of 2!).

Colors, level 1:
In colors you have your choice of 2 courses and the level 1/2 course was fairly straightforward, jumps and tunnels only.  Lance was fast!  We did it in under 14 seconds with zero issues.  Lance also might have ran it at 6.25yds/sec if I read it right!  We get a Q and 1st place (out of 4).


Wild card, level 1:
In this game the course splits in 3 sections and you have to decide what obstacle(s) to take, making sure to get 2 "easy" choices and 1 "hard" choice in level 1.  I thought forever about what choices to make since the dog walk was an option but I wasn't quite sure if Lance could nail his 2o2o in a trial yet, and then there were weaves again, and a weirdly angled jump as the choices for "hard."  I decided to be greedy and see if Lance could weave again like he did yesterday.  He did!  Lance was also speedy and had some great obstacle focus.  But alas he knocked 3 bars!  He hit the first jump, and then the last two.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe I was too far ahead of him?  No Q for us although we get 1st (out of 3?).  4.76yds/sec

Snooker, level 2:
Snooker is becoming a favorite of mine but WOW was this a hard course!  It's a point game where you have to take a "red" jump and then any obstacle, another red followed by any obstacle, and then another red+obstacle in the opening and then you do the set course.  Rules are strict and any deviance from this order results in a whistle off.

I screwed up this time.  After Lance turned the wrong way out of tunnel 4 (I think I called his name to late and he didn't read my rear cross) my brain went dead.  I did manage to direct him to the obstacles I walked in my plan but all the crosses I had planned were forgotten.  I had him on the wrong side of me to the next tunnel which had the potential to send him to some wrong course jumps (which thankfully didn't!), ran on the outside of another tunnel which caused us to almost trip over each other, and I hesitated on where to go and did a really bad rear cross which pulled him off the tunnel.  But some how we manage to play by the rules and get a Q! Also got 1st (of 1!). Good boy Lance!

Jumpers, level 2:
Pretty straight forward course and Lance did well.  No errors, bobbles, or anything off but he wasn't as fast as the rest of the weekend.  Part of that may be due to my brain still not working.  I didn't make any obvious errors but I hesitated slightly around the course and almost forgot where I was supposed to go.  We Q, and 1st (of 1!), 4.69yds/sec. (no video)

Lance can weave!  He is also getting great obstacle focus and speed but so far is still listening to my handling.  We qualified on 4 out of the 5 runs too!  I'm very proud of my boy.  This was also our first 2 day trial and our first time doing 3 runs in a day.  Lance was tired by the end but still seemed into it.  I on the other hand was dead.  I also worked the trial so was there for 11hrs on sat and  10.5hrs Sun.  I apparently need work on being able to remember a course when I am tired and need to learn how to recover when something doesn't go as planned.

Megan  – ( February 15, 2010 at 8:38 AM )  

Way to go! Looks like Lance had an excellent time out there, and you don't look frazzled on course!

Learning how to work and trial is tough. There are still trials where I don't sign up to work (but that's rare).

Excellent choices for you and your dog.

achieve1dream  – ( February 17, 2010 at 5:26 PM )  

Good job Lance!!! That was a beautiful weave and sounds like a wonderful, productive trial. :) Congrats!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( February 18, 2010 at 6:35 PM )  

Fantastic!! Really enjoyed those videos. Lance looks like he's having a lot of fun, and he's really tuned into you. Congrats on his weaving and many Qs!

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