Attempt #6 in Open Obedience

 Well we NQed on the stays again.  Lance made it through the long sit but then sat the entire down stay.  As soon as the whole group was out of sight he sat up.  Now that I spoiled the ending for you, here's my analysis.

Heel Free/ Figure 8: 2.5pts lost for forging and one wide
I was happy.  Lance was attentive from the start except for right before the first left turn where he looked away and almost bumped into me.  Forged almost the entire time, but happy and cute!  I went to the right again on the figure 8 and am happy with the results.  I'm not as worried about that first forge for the inside post if I went left and he easily keeps up with me on the outside post.

Drop on Recall: .5pt lost for front.

Retrieve on Flat: 0 pts lost!
I'm actually really happy since the dumbbell landed right next to the ring barrier and Lance had no problem.  It was extra hard for him since he usually turns right on the pickup but couldn't this time because of the gate.

Retrieve over High: .5pt lost for finish

Broad Jump: 1pt lost for front and finish
Front was WAY crooked to the right.

Sit Stay: 0pts lost
Lance seemed ok.  I told him stay while I was setting up and remembered to cross my arms while waiting to give an extra cue to him and I cued stay in a happy voice when I leftAnd by golly Lance was still in a sit when I came back!  Yay corgi!

Down Stay: NQ
There was a big delay before the start as one of the dogs was excused from the ring for going over to another dog immediately after the release from the sits.  It took a bit and during that time I tried to get Lance to do some simple stationary tricks.  Lance did all the tricks but looked stressed and kept wanting to leave the ring in between tricks (although he responded immediately when I told him he couldn't).  When we were finally ready I set up everything the same as before and left.  When I came back he was in a sit and apparently had been in one ever since the group was out of sight.

I'm happy.  Lance has come along way since the days he would leave me to heel by myself and I have an attentive and overall happy dog.  We're also not getting docked for EVERY front and finish so that's some progress!  And I'm really excited that he held his sit stay as I would rather have him breaking the down then the sit.  I think the stress just compiles on him so even if he manages to hold the long sit he has a hard time doing a second long stay.  I still have no clue how to help him on this but we will keep plugging away.   Next trial is in 3 weeks and at the same spot.  I'm doing both days then fingers crossed!

Muttsandaklutz  – ( February 28, 2010 at 7:15 PM )  

Wow, congrats on all the great stuff Lance did this weekend! I don't know the answer to the stays, but from what I've seen on your blog, you are a very creative and patient dog trainer, so I know it will get figured out. :)

Megan  – ( February 28, 2010 at 7:52 PM )  

Nice job on the front/finishes! I love his bouncy, happy heeling, it makes me smile!

Nice job on the long sit, really nice job. I'm not sure what to tell you about the stays in general. Would it help him to move a bit, as in do left or right pivots, or something... between the sit and down?

Dawn  – ( March 1, 2010 at 7:53 AM )  

I am guessing that next time will be the charm. Sounds like it went very well except for a couple of things. Lance is a lovely boy and you have done a great job with him.

achieve1dream  – ( March 1, 2010 at 9:04 AM )  

Wohoo! Very nice! I love that picture of Lance. :)

Lindsay  – ( March 1, 2010 at 9:38 AM )  

What a happy heeler!! I think that Heffner needs to watch this And I love the picture at the end!:)

Honey the Great Dane  – ( March 4, 2010 at 5:23 AM )  

Aw...I think Lance is doing brilliantly - no dog is perfect! And I agree - Sit Stay is the much harder exercise so impressive that he didn't break that. His sitting up from a down definitely sounds like anxiety - maybe you subconciously got stressed during the delay and he picked up on that? I know with Honey she definitely "shuts down" when I get stressed - I can get such brilliant performances out of her during normal training sessions when I don't feel under pressure but then she totally loses it in performances and I'm beginning to realise that I'm the one whose different - I can see myself in the videos, lookingf really tense & taking deep breaths before we enter the ring - I'm sure Honey picks up on that and she goes all subdued & slow - which frustrates & stresses me out even more and so vicious circle...

Anyway, well done and good luck for the next trial!


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