Lance NADAC Trial

Touch N Go- Novice, Q
First course of the day and I was really happy!  He had great drive and I was able to get some moderate distance.  I was also very happy that he dd a dogwalk/tunnel discrimination as he is a bit of tunnel suck.  His dogwalk was a bit slow but he came all the way down nicely.  His first aframe wasn't so good though.  He was in the yellow but he launched and actually collected himself in the air and landed in the down.  Imagine droping a shoe to the ground and watching it land with a thud, but in a perfect down.  His second aframe I gave a more stern verbal and while he still looks like he's leaping he at least landed better.

Jumpers- Open, Q
I thought the run went great, no issues.  Pretty fast for Lance at 4.94YPS.

Regular 1- Novice, Q
This run was immediately after jumpers so I ran from ring to ring.  He did a nice tunnel/aframe discrimination for the tunnel, but it was also the tunnel so I was more confident.  His aframe was also much more in control and a bit slower.  His dogwalk was faster and I thought I would test him to see if I could keep running and still have him do his "floor."  Apparently he couldn't.  A "where's your floor?" and he did down immediately several feet after the dogwalk.  This run got us our NAC title.

Regular 2- Novice, NQ
Not sure what happened in the beginning here.  Lance shot off very fast but ran by the Dogwalk at the 3rd obstacle.  I thought he had some good drive and distance again though through the next section and then we failed the aframe/tunnel discrimination.  I didn't handle it as conservatively as I was going to but I still thought I was pretty clear in my direction.  Guess not.  I then kinda fumbled my front cross in the pinwheel but Lance didn't seem to mind.

Weavers-Novice, NQ
Lance did great, I failed.  I did a great front cross at a difficult turn which Lance read very nicely.  However I then forgot to turn my shoulders for the 180 and Lance correctly started shooting towards an off course tunnel.  I forgot where the course went in that 1/2sec and didn't call him off.  Oh well.  Rest of the course went nicely except for the last weaves.  Lance seemed to just shoot by like he didn't even see them.  When I gave a second cue he immediately tried to dive in but it was too late so his entry was wrong.

Tunnelers-Open, Q
Another great run.  I ended up being farther ahead then I thought I would be so I modified my plan a bit and resulted in Lance taking a wide turn.  But no real errors and I was happy.

Chances-Novice, Q
My first time attempting any distance game with him!  I was very happy that the discrimination in the beginning was for the tunnel and he worked away for me with ease.  It was just novice so it wasn't that diifficult but I was still happy.  He also did his dogwalk "floor" nicely with me continuing to move very slowly.

Dawn  – ( July 12, 2010 at 3:16 PM )  

Sounds like you had a great trial. Congrats!

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( July 12, 2010 at 11:45 PM )  

Way to go Lance!!! You guys did great.

I'm not sure how I've never noticed before, but your front crosses are fantastic.

Thanks for posting the video!

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