Lance's Agility in the hot hot sun

On Sunday we drove down to a CPE trial.  I guess I've been pretty spoiled so far in our short agility career as this was the first time I've had to wake up at 5am to get to the trial on time and plus it was really really hot!  I can't say I want to do agility outside again for a very long time.

Do you see my new cool coat?

I want it!
I win!
Damn it Vito

Fullhouse lev3- Q
First up was the silly little point game of Fullhouse.  Lance was extremely inattentive before I even went into the ring.  He would give me a tiny bit of eye contact, I would reward, and he would go right back to sniffing and plain old ignoring me.  Very odd for Lance, especially for an agility trial. An obedience trial on the other hand...!  The inattentiveness carried over the ring a tiny bit.  We ran ok, he listened decently, but we just weren't in tune and both screwed up at times.  He also did his leap of the aframe and didn't do his 4 on the floor right away, and wouldn't lie down on the table at the end. 

Standard lev2- Q
Thankfully Lance was a billion times more attentive before going into the ring and we had a brilliant run!  I thought the pinwheel had actually a quite hard turn into the weaves but Lance called off the the obvious jump nicely.   I was pretty happy with our 3.96YPS for standard.

Wildcard lev2- Q
Not much to say.  I was happy.  5.41YPS

Snooker lev3- Q
Oh how I love snooker.  I lead out facing the wrong way from what I had walked so ended up doing the course in a tiny bit order then what I had walked.  Still did the order I wanted (7,7,6) but different order of red.   Bad was his not doing the auto down on the table.

Jumpers lev3- Q
I really loved this course.  Very happy with the beginning and the difficult wrap.  I think I was so focused on that wrap that I briefly forgot I wanted to do a cross.  Made it in, but still apologized to Lance for the timing.  Then he pulled off a jump I sent him out to.  I don't think it was anything I did wrong, my arm was still up but I may have turned my shoulders too soon.  Or he could have just been the heat.  It was over 10hrs later from our arrival!

Very happy!  The first run didn't feel that great, but we seemed connected the rest of the games.  My reoccurring thought though is on his aframe contacts.  I just don't like the way he jumps off and lands in a thud in his down.  The 4 on the floor is supposed to be easier on his joints.  I would like to go to running contacts with him, but when I first attempted last summer progress was extremely slow and frustrating.

Lindsay  – ( July 28, 2010 at 9:51 AM )  

Very nice!!! Congrats!! And what do you think about that cool coat? I've heard some positive reviews of them and I'm really tempted to buy at least one to try out on the dogs.

Muttsandaklutz  – ( August 2, 2010 at 12:37 PM )  

I'm always amazed at how much speed he can get out of those short little legs :) Good job!

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