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Have I mentioned recently how much I love having my own yard and my own agility equipment?  I haven't had the time to use it as much as I hoping this summer due to my teaching schedule, a few strained muscles, and of course trials.

Having the ability to practice agility outside of the club has dug up a huge hole in Vito's jump training.  I have a bar knocker.  The issue hasn't really been there at trials except for a little bit this last weekend.  And at his agility class he rarely knocked bars as well.  But it had been starting to crop up recently at his class the last few months.  Mainly on tight turns.  Now at home it's been showing up constantly.

I've come to the conclusion that Vito just doesn't see keeping the bar up as part of his criteria in jumping.  It wasn't/isn't so much of an issue if he's not running full speed.  But when he's very excited his brain kinda falls out and he doesn't make much effort at all to not hit the bar.  Since at home he's extremely excited to play agility and earn his ball there is mass screaming and mass bar knocking.  I've gone back to 1 jump exercises and his success rate is not high.  Perfect if I bring out food as reward, really bad with any toy.  I've been trying to slowly raise the height of the bar and have almost zero handler motion, but progress is incredibly slow.

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