Pyra 12 weeks

Since Py turned 12 weeks I've taken her to the nice disc golf park a few times to swim in the lake and run on the paths.  She is pretty darn independant on our walks and really doesn't care if she is abandoned while she checks out a good spot.  Luckily Pyra really likes her food so she is mostly coming when called and also likes to check in every now and then to beg for some more.
Some more accidental swimming! But only did it once and then has been careful not to get too far in the water.

She seems to have come up with her own solution for couch overcrowding.

Vito is pleased.  Until sometimes she falls on top of him.

At this point we're nice and settled with her routines.  Almost too comfortable in that it's easy to forget that she's still a puppy and really does need constant watching.  But Py knows about watching other dogs train, mostly uses the rock potty area without prompting, chews slightly less on naughty items, and runs to her crate when asked.  Too easy.

And on Neurotic Toller days, Vito will even play with her.  Meaning he will growl very loudly the whole time and pin her to the ground often.  But he's in a play bow the whole time so Py can clearly stop panicking :)  Actually she does really well with all the dog's she has met, including Vito.  Very confident and bounces back easily from being pushed around.

New thing we worked on this past week was re-visiting hind feet on a box.  She had done one session a few weeks ago but then I stopped due to some confusion and struggling with Frog Legs.  Frog still sucks, but it's going a little better.  I also introduced nose targeting a dumbbell for the start of formal retrieve training.  And we've recently started to do some pivoting in heel without her little perch.  Biggest hinder in that training is her tendency to auto sit.  I've learned from previous puppies that I really don't want the sit at heel introduced so early as it interferes in fluid motion when they're still learning.

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