Lance Obedience- More Advanced Teamwork

Lance had a pretty busy weekend at our club's obedience trial.

Saturday we were entered in 3 things- Utility, Open, and Advanced Teamwork.

Went amazing!  Happy AND precise corgi!  Only point lost other than fronts and finishes with a naughty mouthing of the glove on his front.  Actually I thought he was really working his fronts and finishes and was shocked to see him lose points on several.  Apparently I didn't see what she saw.  Score was still good enough for 2nd place and 3 little more OTCH points to bring us up to 49!  The run earned us his Obedience Master 2 title!

Nice run but not quite as great in the precision.  A little more forging in heeling and not quite as great fronts and finishes.    Down first for stays which of course went well.  Then on the long sit he lied down at the 1 min mark.  *Sigh.  Most frustrating problem ever.

Advanced Teamwork
I was excited to see the exercises posted for the class to be the most straightforward ones.
Heeling involved lots of slow time!  Then more heeling for the glove seek back exercise.  I wasn't sure Lance knew I dropped something as I didn't even see him flinch but he ran almost straight for it!  Then on the scent object he dropped the little piggy on his return but then brought it nicely.   The moving sit went well, but I did cheat slightly by turning my shoulders into him.  The moving sit is certainly the hardest of the 3 options!  Transition changes were oddly the same 3 changes done twice: stand-sit-down-stand-sit-down.  The first down to stand I forgot to say his name before the command and he just sat until I repeated my cue.  The 2nd time around I remembered to say his name and he did if fine.  So our only O point exercise!

Sunday we only entered in 2 classes.  I hadn't entered Open as I wasn't sure how the sit stay would go on Saturday.  Turns out it was wise decision.  

Another very nice run that I thought went even better than Saturday! Until signals.  On the right turn to stand your dog Lance looked ahead and I should have delayed slightly in giving my signal.  I didn't, and Lance sat.  Told him to stand again and he did a great job.  
Sadly as the first dog in the ring we set the tone and 100% of Utility dogs failed signals. :(

Advanced Teamwork
More heeling, this time the focus was on halts out of fast time and out of slow.  Lance missed the fast time halt but did a nice job on the slow.  Then we had object placement but the cones seemed much larger than the 18-20ft described!  Lance sadly dropped the item as I told him to sit at a distance.  I then re-cued the pick up and tried to direct him out but he didn't do anything.  On the 3rd send out he did a nice job of finding the cone and dropping it in the correct spot.  And then he brought it to me when I cued him to come.   So fail on that exercise!  

We then did scent objects which Lance did a nice job of again, this time with a plastic/rubbery thing we use to help attach leash hook ups to wheelchairs at work.  Moving down was next which I found much easier than the moving sit from saturday!  Finally we had the drop on recall/baseball glove exercise and I learned from Vito and slyly pointed out the glove to Lance as we setup next to it.  Lance has done the baseball portion from CDSP so it was similar minus the go out being replaced with the drop on recall.  Ended up taking first in the class of 5 dogs, with Vito of course bringing up the rear.

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