Chuck It Agility Toller in NADAC

The Chuck it Launcher experiment continues for trial #2!  Results were even more screaming than the first USDAA trial and holy cow he actually RAN in all 8 runs over two days.  Many runs didn't just come close to backyard practice speed, but actually were full speed!

In the first run of the weekend he actually screamed a little bit DURING his run!  He doesn't even do that at home!  And it was jumpers, zero contacts on course!  Sadly, no video of that run.  But yes, he knocked his yards per second out of the water and the danger we can sometimes be in of not making time in jumpers wasn't there at all.

Q rate wasn't so high.  We had an off course in each regular run, a knocked bar in that jumpers run, and another knocked bar in chances.

Touch n Go was my absolute favorite run of the weekend.  Personal best of 6.78YPS and fastest time of all dogs.  Bonus of a super nice turn off the dogwalk with an off course hoop staring straight at him.  Best Vito video ever:

And he even did distance!  With a (late) rear cross! Stupid knocked bar prevented him from getting a vary rare chances Q for him.

So now I'm spoiled.  I had made peace with Trial Toller and now I'm super psyched for Chuck It Toller.  Trying hard not to have expectations for our next trial.  Next might not be until after Christmas though unless I travel.

Ximena  – ( October 27, 2014 at 9:10 PM )  

HOLY CRAP!! I think he likes his chuck-it. More speed than I've ever seen him do... and the happy toller screaming is to DIE for. I love when we stumble upon those sort of revelations and they actually pan out for us. Fantastic.

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