Pyra 11 wks

And just like that the socialization window is starting to close as Pyra turns 12wks old tomorrow.  Nagging questions of whether we went enough places, met enough people, experienced enough different noises, surfaces...

Pyra did go to her first agility trial this weekend!  Mainly stuck in her crate (quietly!) but she did come out for some tugging and a few treats.  Going back and forth between the two rewards certainly needs some more work.  The Duck is all about food these days.

And we knew it was inevitable but she made it up to the taller couch this week.  Vito's couch.  He's still doing a pretty good job of pretending she doesn't exist!

Except sometimes it's just too busy and crazy for him.

Only 1 new trick was practiced this past week.  Pyra has been learning to back up towards me, to return to being between my legs.  We are pretty consistently up to about 2ft now, with a treat tossed out to reset her.

Py also started her first Puppy Agility class this last week.  It'll just be fun to have her in a group class while working on those important foundations.

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