Gracie 11wks

Growing some legs.  Gracie is now as tall as the corgi and weighs about 14lbs.  I am happy to report that she is getting some spunk as she has really been getting into tugging this past week.  Unfortunately she loves to thrash the toy.  Cute at 14lbs, not so cute at over 50lbs!

Training this last week:
1. Perch work- Is starting to go almost all the way to heel/side position without a lure.  Learning how to maintain position through small quarter turns.
2. Things that move- Introduction to wobble board, skateboard, and large rolling cookie tin filled with marbles.
3. Shaping retrieve-  Didn't get very far with this one.  Successfully taught nose touch to a variety of objects, but have been unable to get any more than that.  Haven't done too many sessions for fear of staying at the same criteria for too long.  Will take a few days off than try again for opening of mouth.

I desperately need a new camera as I have almost no pictures of the labrador.  But  instead, be appeased by short video of snoring puppy.

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