UDX Leg #3!

Lance was entered in the Minneapolis Kennel Club obedience trial today.

Lance got almost no warmup time due to me not realizing some dogs were absent.  Apparently this produces an extra forging corgi!  Off on every single front as well. 

Stays worried me as Lance went down on his sit in the run throughs held the night before.  He lasted maybe 30sec before downing.  I had him do a 2nd sit instead of the long down on the run through, rewarded at 3.5min and then stuck in sight for the remaining time and he was a good boy.  Obviously I need to get to more run throughs as it can replicate Lance's "trial only" stay issues.

Back to the trial, I could see Lance scratching less than 5sec after I left him.  By the time I got to the door I peeked again and he was sniffing the ground.  I did not have high hopes!  But I returned to find that he was still in a sit!  Yay for Lance for working through the stress.

Lance was a different dog in his utility run.  My notes for this particular judge state he has a big ring presence and Lance has felt the pressure.  I noticed that again today, but he also seemed more distracted in general.  Several big point losses today and several moments of making me hold my breath.

On the gloves Lance didn't sit and look at me on the pivot, and then took a half second detour on his return as he thought about heading to either the #2 glove location or the crowd.  His heeling was much nicer than in open and he was thrilled to hear applause after his front from the open ring :)  Go outs were fabulous but he didn't sit on the 2nd one.  Moving stand was picture perfect if heeling is defined as a body length in front of me.  But he didn't move a single foot, even as the judge actually shoved his hand into his nose.  Articles were interesting.  Lance looked at the judge once on the first send, but nicely brought me the correct one and then dropped it just out of reach.  Made my heart stopped for a full second and then graciously picked it up and fronted.   Second article was the first one he sniffed and he picked it up but then dropped it after going 2 feet to research the pile. 

Not the prettiest score, but still a Q!  Considering Lance failed almost every utility attempt last year it looks like we're on a better start with 3 for 3 in 2013. 

Glad I only entered today as it looks as though I've succumbed to sickness.  Oh and pictures came from last months trial, yay :)

Amy / Layla the Malamute  – ( February 24, 2013 at 10:11 PM )  

By the way I just saw your comment on my obedience post (it didn't email me). Layla stresses UP in trials, so her forging would be a billion times worse in a trial than at practice.

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