Gracie 9wks

Yes, this happened.  I think Vito must have been knocked unconscious.
Gracie continues to be a fairly calm and confident puppy.  Lance loves her now, of course, and Vito does a pretty good job of ignoring her.  Crate training is much improved.  It's amazing how quick progress can occur with a normal dog!

Gracie's 2nd week in Training:

1. Verbal sits and downs- Verbal cues are very important for service dog work so I'm introducing them right before she offers the behavior.  I think she might be starting to pick up that my words have some importance.

2. Go Mat- We have a send, I am now backing up distance to work on a quickly lured and now an offered down.

3. Perch work- Sends to 2 front feet on.  Starting pivoting around while I move.  This is somewhat difficult as she also likes to sit and of course that's incompatible with moving!

4. More shaping with objects- She's really starting to get it this week.  We've done 4 feet in a box, touch a target, go through a round cat toy...

5. Training with food dish on floor- Food bowl can move easily back and forth and she maintains eye contact.  Now working more on getting her to actively move away from the dish to do tricks such as hand targeting.  She says this is hard stuff.

6. Not interfering with other dogs training- Starting to work with the boys after Gracie is done with her dinner.  So far she's been the easiest puppy ever to learn not to interfere!  I can't say she's perfect, but she is only 9 weeks after all :)

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