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I don't use a ton of treats in training my dogs.  For the most part I get by with using their kibble for training, even at the club.  But I do need to use treats for Vito's behavioral work so I keep a stash of extra good treats in the car and training bag.  My criteria for good treats are
1) Not complete junk food
2) Irrestible for Vito if he's having a mini meltdown
3) Easy to break into tiny pieces without leaving a ton of crumbs
4) Can handle being left in a hot car and maybe not always getting resealed perfectly without becoming hard as a rock

When offered a bag of treats for review I selected Orijen Freeze Dried Treats.
#1 Easily satisifed being grain free, preservative free, and even single ingredient for those dog's with allergies.
#2 done.  Vito can be picky with treats (unless someone else is giving them!) and he ate these right up.  I've fallen behind on regularly using his scratch board for filing his nails so a nail trim was needed.  We took it slow and he got to stare at a treat then released to eat it for each nail clipped.  Corgis and Labradors not so picky so they don't get an opinion for this review!

#3 was way easier than I thought it would be.  I've used some freeze dried treats before that have been extremely difficult to break up to the point where a knife was needed.  These treats were soft and easy to break.  Downside to soft was that it inevitably left some crumbs as I got too small.  Since most of my treat breaking and doling out is done in the car while I'm driving, my front seat is still littered with crumbs.  Oh well, if I remember not to get them down past 3 servings per treat I'm still ok.

#4 is still holding true.  They seem hardy enough for me!


Disclaimer: While we were given these treats free in exchange for a review, I honestly really liked them and would add them to my small list of store treats great for training.

Dexter  – ( July 13, 2013 at 5:52 AM )  

Pretty nifty that you could make small bits without them crumbling. Worth a try.

Mango Momma

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