The dogs were farmed out this last weekend as we headed down to Missouri for a wedding.  Of course the only one I was worried about was Vito.  He went to my parent's house and I was promised he could snuggle in bed and wouldn't be left alone.  I got several updated pictures a day of Vito napping or begging for food.

 Vito was happy to go on some morning jogs and long evenings walks.  And apparently my description of the Toller as an excellent bed mate didn't warn them that he likes to sleep on his side and at a diagonal.  Picky are we!
Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

Lance apparently had a good time and had no qualms about stealing from the lower shelves of an open pantry.  Way to make yourself right at home there Corgi.

Gracie is back in one piece and didn't give the brand new fosters too hard of a time.  I believe they're still hoping to puppy raise for one of the future litters!

Dexter  – ( July 17, 2013 at 5:01 AM )  

Glad it all went well. Sounds like Lance let loose on his naughty corgi a bit. I'll bet it was quite liberating for him.

Mango Momma

How Sam Sees It  – ( July 20, 2013 at 7:46 AM )  

It's always good to hear that things have gone well. I'm a nervous wreck when I leave my pups with someone (sometimes even my husband!).


Unknown  – ( August 2, 2013 at 11:21 AM )  

Whew! Finally found a way to leave a comment! Have been trying several times the last few times we visited but could never find the box...

anyway, just popping by to say hello - sorry we don't manage to visit so much these days - the novel has just taken over my life!!! :-)

Looks like the dogs had a great time during their stay away from home. And congrats on the recent trials achievements!


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