Soccer Blast NADAC trial

Finally a weekend where the AKC folks don't get to steal Soccerblast!  The boys had a NADAC trial this weekend.

Awesome.  4/5Q's on Saturday, only a knocked bar in jumpers kept it from being a perfect day.  We did have a little discussion in round 2 of regular where Lance barely hesitated in the yellow of the dogwalk before leaping.  An "excuse me!" prompted him to lie down and then further thought had him about to get back on the dogwalk before I decided he had enough.  No issues after that :)  

Lance actually managed to get a Chances Q on Saturday too!  Actually I was shocked to see that the results had us as an NQ and I rushed back to review my video tape.  No evidence of fault was found.  Talked to scribe then the judge.  After much, much review of tape, the sacred Q was granted to us. 4 down, 9 to go.

Sunday 2/4 Q's but still did a fantastic job.  Chances had a pretty tough serpentine at a distance, but not just laterally away from the handler- the jumps were actually perpendicular.  We didn't even get the first switch out.  In regular 2 he also took the wrong entrance of the tunnel, made it much harder than it needed to be.  Silly me thought he was committed before he was.

More issues of stopping just above the yellow on his contacts appeared.  It seems as though the first time doing each contact each day is hesitant, while further ones are perfect.  At least it's going in the right direction.  Some stuttering occured too, usually towards the end of the courses.

Here's my awesome corgi:

Saturday had a happy, happy, happy Toller for round 1 and 2 of Regular.  Speed demon in round 1.  Round 2 wasn't quite as fast but I couldn't find a way to avoid doing a rear cross and then while it turns out I had time to do a blind in a second spot my brain didn't fully grasp that option at the time.  Chances was slow, but a good dogwalk at least!  Jumpers was a disaster of pulled off jumps by the end.

Sunday Vito was Sad Toller for all 3 runs.  Aframe did not seem to be a happy making obstacle like it usually is.  The dogwalk still was though as he speeded up after it in Touch n Go and actually finished at decent speed.  Sadly in Regular Vito was moving at such a slow pace that he was 9sec slower than yesterday's course of similar yardage. The Corgi even beat him...with stopped contacts.  Ouch.  He popped the weaves at the 10th pole on that course too, but we didn't fix it.

Here's 2nd happiest run.  1st happiest had camera malfunction:

Looking forward to his rollercoaster climbing back uphill.

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