Spring Swimming

Spring really is here!  I've had off work the last few days and have enjoyed taking my dogs to a park every day.

On Saturday we happened to go to park with a lake.  Still frozen in the middle, but thawed a good 15ft or so out from the shoreline.  I told Vito 40 degrees was still a little chilly to go swimming, but eventually he broke me down and I relented.  Happy Toller!

And Happy Corgi!

Zumi has never gotten to go swimming before and while she raced on in the first time, she was much more hesitant on future trips.  The thawed parts weren't deep enough to actually swim, so the dogs just waded in and out.

While the Duck wasn't quite sure what to think about actually being in the water, the act of being wet made her crazy!  Lots of zoomies and super enthralled with Vito running in and out of the lake.  She wanted to be joined at his hip!

Vito wasn't thrilled.

I'm guessing that I'll still have a good month or so before the beach portion gets taken over by children, so we will be back!

Achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 2:55 PM )  

Such a beautiful, happy family! I love the pictures!

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