Zumi 5 months

Little Duck turned 5 months old!  Finally weighs 24lbs, the same as the Corgi!

Did discover the joy of poopsicles this past week :(  Doggy door privileges have been revoked.  But with a 40 degree warm up practically overnight there's not much snow in the yard right now and I'm hoping her new found joy disappears with the season change!

Doing super well with social things!  Still not super gung ho about food in public but isn't refusing it. More run through supervising.  Soon to be promoted to lead timer.

New thing started this last week in training is a formal stand.
Using feet on a perch method as so far it's been my favorite way to get a nice kickback stand and precise.  So far she's just offering the stand behavior as that's her default on a perch, but I've started to name it after luring a sit or down.  At some point I'll teach her a jumping stand too, with a different cue, as I still find that super fun!

Other tricks that are in various stages of progress right now
- cross paws, with help of target
- backward circles with tiny lure counter clockwise and lots of help clock wise
- Hug a pole- still lost of sliding with paws and less duration of "hug"
- Shaped retrieve to hand, mostly aiming for hand in different locations now
- Bow- trying to get rid of lure and get offered.  So far only get offered downs, but lures nicely.
- Back in a down- broken  Somewhat fixed this week, but she much prefers offering swiping her nose now.
- Nose swip- not being practiced due to favoritism!  Will need to get duration at some point.

So that is my list of things to work on right now.  Most I go a few days without practicing, resume for a few sessions, and repeat the cycle.  At some point soon I also plan to add hind leg lifts to my list.

Achieve1dream  – ( June 15, 2015 at 2:23 PM )  

This make me miss training with Jackal so much! Now that he's lost some weight I need to start working with him again using his kibble. Treats are just not in the diet right now.

Zumi is doing great! She is so adorable. I love her expression.

This remind me of when I was teaching Jackal to bow. I was having soooo much trouble teaching it. I clicked for a good attempt and the treat bounced under the kitchen chair I was standing next to. He did a perfect bow reaching under the chair to get the treat. Light bulb went off in my head and the rest is history. :D

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