Vito does Team!

Back to USDAA agility with the Toller.  The last USDAA trial wasn't exactly great for Vito and really was the worse he has done in a long time.  But last weekend playing UKI and doing some toy runs at the trial helped him a ton so I was hoping for some Happy Toller!

Friday I did Team for the first time ever!  Never been brave enough before to enter with how unpredictable Vito can be in attitude.  And really if the decision was made after the last trial there is no way I would have entered Vito!  But my nice teammates promised a no pressure day and at the moment of my commitment Vito really had been doing well in agility.

And then he blew me away.  5 runs, the most Vito has done in a single day in a long time, and all were super happy and moments of full speed running!  As a bonus Vito didn't even have a single course error all day!  After the first two rounds, Jumpers and Snooker (his 2 least favorite games!) Vito was actually sitting at #2 individual dog!  Of course he can't hold onto that but I was so proud of him.  Our team ended up finishing in 3rd place overall!
Look how fast he actually ran in Jumpers of all classes!

Saturday Vito was in 4 runs.
Started with Gamblers and some good speed, and then unfortunately the judge was just in the wrong place multiple times on our opening path and we bypassed several obstacles.  Somewhat Sad Toller. Couldn't do the gamble of weave poles angling away from me and popped out at number 10.

Standard was much happier but a bit slower in the speed department compared to Friday's runs.  Just knocked the last bar but otherwise good.

Biathlon were the last 2 runs and the courses looked very challenging!  Only a handful of dogs made it through the courses without an off course and Vito was one of them!  Fancy Standard completely clean and Fancy Jumpers Vito was just over time by 4 seconds.  Not the fastest runs, but Vito tried so hard!
Fancy Standard

Fancy Jumpers

Since Biathlon is time + faults, Vito ended up taking 2nd as pretty much everyone else got eliminated.

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