Agility Night

Lance had agility class last night! This was the first time he's ever been really distracted in class. Adam was working with Vito in the kennel and Lance really wanted to run over there for some easy treats. I think this also spilled over into his intense desire for the obstacles. He would pull like crazy towards them when we were waiting around, but luckily would still listen really well to the "wait" when it was our turn. But despite being so distracted he was still the most focused dog in class by far!

We've started to do some more sequencing in class which really shows me that I need a lot of help. Lance is great, but I screw him up so much! We were supposed to be doing some front crosses which of course means that I have to actually be in front of my dog. Let's just say that I don't think I'll be able to do a whole lot of front crosses in Lance's agility career unless I get some distance! I also had issues with the rear cross as Lance is really sensitive to my change in posture. I have so much to learn, but hopefully can get things figured out with Lance so Vito isn't screwed up as much :)

I think the teeter is Lance's favorite obstacle so far. It's not at full height, but he's running across it with great gusto! He is also loving the mini dog walk and has great contacts so far. I think I have to be careful since I want to do running contacts but haven't had a lot of opportunity to train them. I don't want to get lazy and just rely on him naturally doing it without Lance knowing what he is supposed to do.

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