Vito the cat

I have more evidence that Vito is learning from the cat. He has recently started using Luke's scratching scratch. He'll lay out on it and just tear it to pieces with his little claws.

We also are apparently starving him. I have caught him several times eating his tail. Not just chasing it, but actually eating it. He'll even hop around with it in his mouth and inevitably fall down.

Vito and Lance are really playing now. He has caught on to Lance's favorite game, "chase me", (yeah I know, some great herding dog Lance is!), and they run round n' round a little bush in the yard.

And why are 90% of my camera shots butt shots?! I'll have the perfect picture set up then the next thing I know I have a billion shots of their asses.

Carol  –   – ( January 4, 2009 at 5:49 PM )  

Sure are enjoying your blog. It is fun to see the daily antics of the whole gang. We look forward to meeting Vito.

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