Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Lance is rebelling. Today he said "bye mom" and tried to run up to the cash registers for treats whenever he thought he could get away from it. He succeeded the first time which didn't help. He hasn't pulled that stunt in months, but clearly he thought he needed some attention today at work. Poor little puppy, ha!

Also, I think Vito has some border collie in him...or cat. Yeah he could have learned it from the cat. He loves to give Lance the eye and stalk him during play. It is so cute to watch his little body freeze as he eyes his "prey" and then spring on Lance's head!

Vito has also picked up a few tricks from Lance as well. When Lance was a puppy he would fake limp occasionally. Ok he did fall down the stairs, 3 times, but that is no excuse! Anyway, Vito shrieked like a little girl yesterday when he was playing in a snowy bush and started limping. I checked him all over and couldn't see anything, but he still continued to limp. However, when I put him on my lap he put all of his weight on his paws so I knew he was a little faker! He of course is fine now, no trace of limping at all. And as for Lance, well he hasn't limped since puppyhood, but still isn't good with stairs :)

And Vito now weighs 8.5lbs. He has gained 1.5bls in the week since we've had him!

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