Pinecone incident revisited?

Vito is not one to hide his feelings. If he is upset, Vito will let you know with loud protests as he demands to be put down or let out. Yesterday he had to come with me to Petsmart for my entire shift so he got to play a little bit before my intermediate class started. But all too soon it was time to be put away. He of course let me know by flailing about, grumbling, and shrieking as I picked him up and carried him away from his new friend.

Vito's actions reminded me of when Lance was a little puppy and a day I will never forget. Lance had to be under 4 months when we took him across the street to a baseball game. Little Lance was content to explore and get petted by adoring fans. By the end he found the joys of a pinecone was happily munching away when it was time for us to go. I of course did the unthinkable and took away his pinecone as I swooped him into my arms. Well Lance was pissed and screamed bloody murder at the top of lungs. Every face turned in our direction to see the puppy abusers as Lance was still shreiking his head off. This wasn't just loud whining, but actual screaming as though he thought he was dying. Embarrased, Adam and I quickly ran off with Lance in our arms while he screamed the whole way.

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