Vito's Youtube premier

I have finally made a video of Vito's first week home. He's a star :)

As for his training, he is continuing to make progress in the crate and is a shaping maniac. I started to teach the "place" command as he worked for his dinner today and I got Vito to run to the mat and lie down without any cue within one handful of kibble. I was able to work up to me being 3ft away for him to run to it before I got bored and moved on to something else. He is also doing rollovers now which is a huge deal for him. We were stuck on the lay down and turn head to side step for quite a while!

He now weighs 9.4 lbs.

And Luke recently has learned a new trick as well. We have always had to battle to outsmart him and his obsession with eating as much as possible, including the ferret food. Since Luke also likes sleeping in the ferrets hammocks we had at one point tried keeping the cage open and just moving the food bowl up a very high shelf. But it wasn't long before Luke discovered how to balance precariously and reach the food. So we then said too bad and simply kept the ferret cage closed even when the ferrets are out. However, Luke then discovered that he could still reach in with his paw and scoop out the food if it was kept on the bottom shelf. We of course battled that by simply moving the food dish to the top shelf of the cage and pushing it to the back wall. Well yesterday, I looked over and saw a little kitty hanging on to the outside of the ferrets cage like one of the Garfield window toys. He then proceeded to reach into with his paw to the back of the cage, slide the bowl of food over, and scoop out some kibble onto the floor before hopping back down! *sigh*
No, I wasn't able to catch a picture of the moment, but this is another one of Luke's attempts at food.

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