Vito's 9 week Video

But don't be fooled into thinking Vito is such a brilliant easy puppy! Right now I am getting very irritated with Vito as we are in a battle of the wills. I have a rule that states any bullsticks must be eaten in his kennel. (I am trying to build up a good association with his kennel). However, Vito has a mind that states bully sticks should be eaten wherever I want. So for the past 15 minutes Vito has been going into his kennel, grabbing the said bully stick and running with it into the living room to chew. I have been telling him no, grabbing the bully stick and putting it back into his kennel. Back and forth we go until he added a twist. This last time, he ran into his kennel, grabbed his bully stick, ran to the edge of the bedroom, dropped it, ran forward a couple steps and stopped to look at me as if to say "ha, what now!"

Vito just turned 11 weeks today and weighs 10.4lbs

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