Crate Woes

Just when we think Vito is making good progress with his kennel issues he has a day like today. I decided to go to Lance's obedience class this morning since I hadn't been able to go in awhile because of Vito and canceled classes. I figured I could put Vito in the crate room and that he would cry a little bit, but would give up and fall to sleep shortly. I was wrong.

I arrived 10 minutes early so I could get Vito set up and used to his new kennel. I brought his mat, some toys, a pigs ear, a a bully stick that I shoved in with him and then left him while I trained Lance. Since Lance's ring is basically right from the crate room, I could hear the voice of Vito through the entire class. For 75 minutes I don't think Vito even took a breath. I went in occasionally during class hoping to reward Vito with some treats, but he wouldn't even shut up for a second. I compromised and waited for 1/4 sec before giving him a treat, but the amazing Vito managed to even whine while he was chewing his treat. Luckily, most of Vito's crying were whimpers and not full out howler monkey, but still quite annoying. I stayed an additional 2omin after class to try and work with Vito on the crate but he wouldn't calm down at all.

Then at home after feeding him lunch and watching him play with Lance Vito finally started to get tired and tried to curl up next to me on the couch. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shut him in the kennel for a nap! But again Vito decided he was no longer tired after lying down for 10 minutes and wanted out. At home he was a least better and just did quiet whimpering, so I waited until he was quiet and opened the door. He proceded to immediately chew on his pigs ear, so I shut the dooor- he cried. I opened when quiet, he grabs pigs ear. On and on we go. Basically Vito decided he really wanted his pigs ear which he would happily eat in the kennel with one rule: the door must be opened or mom needs to be within 3ft.

And on a happier note, Lance really loves the footstools that his grandma gave us for Christmas. He loves hopping up on them to curl up on or just teasing Vito cause he's up high!

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