So things are going pretty well here. It's a blast working with Vito. I've been just having fun with teaching him to think so I'll put a box on the floor and think of something for him to do with it. Within 20 clicks I can have him standing in it, or have a good 2 on 2 off... I can see his little brain turning, and when he gets frustrated he likes throwing spins to see if that'll work!

On the other hand, Vito ate an eggshell today so he can't really be a puppy genius. Most likely he has the cat and Adam to thank for the crunchy surprise. He is also big enough to climb onto the couch now. Now nothing in the house is safe!

Lance had agility class today for the first time in 3 weeks. All the dogs were extremely excited and had the zoomies. There were a lot of loose dogs today! This was really the first time we've been able to play on all of the equipment and do some sequences. Lance still loves stomping on everything so especially loves the contact obstacles. We weren't quite working on them actually hitting the contacts on the aframe and mini dog walk, just getting them used to climbing on them, but Lance did amazing! He even had a perfect drive to the end of the teeter. Right now he has the perfect combination of handler focus and obstacle focus :)

We took Vito with to Lance's class and I had Adam do some crate games with him. He's doing a lot better in the crate, although still cries when he can't see us anymore. But he is entering the crate voluntarily and even staying in it when the door is open! And at least his cries are more whimpers now instead of being a howler monkey.

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