A perfect score

Lance has his very first rally-0 trial today. I was a little worried since we have never done rally before, have not taken a class, and basically just looked online to learn what the signs mean. We have done one rally run through a couple weeks ago when a course was set up at my club. At that run through, Lance was all "look mom, there's signs! Can I knock them down?" So I wasn't sure what to expect today.

But I get there, check in, warm up Lance a bit, and wait. We brought Vito along too since he can't be left home alone yet. When the judge saw Vito he told Adam to say he was really 6 months old and is a miniature toller! Apparently they are supposed to be at least 6 months before allowed on the grounds. Luckily she was a really nice judge and didn't care. Then, when my group was called in to do the walk through, the judge mentioned that we can't have treats or toys on us and looked at my pouch. I had forgotten to take out my bag of treats from my sweatshirt for the walkthrough! I knew of course that I couldn't have them when it was actually my turn to go, but didn't even think about not being allowed to have them on me for the walkthrough. She could have excused me, but thankfully again the judge was very nice!

When it was Lance's turn to go I was very nervous. I think I was even more nervous today then I had been for the obedience trials (maybe since I had actually done run throughs of that before?). But we made it through the course and Lance did amazing! He didn't seem bothered by the signs at all and had great attention on me. I could tell in a few places that his attention was starting to wander, but just saying his name brought him back to me without him actually wandering off. Of course being on leash helped, but still!

We ended up with a perfect score of 100 and placed 1st! Not bad for our first rally-o show!

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