Agility update and Vito's kennel

Lance had agility class again tonight. It was his last week of Beginner 1, (his third level). He is doing really really well. We didn't do any contact obstacles today, but worked more on our handling, getting the dogs to read us correctly on what obstacles to take. I learn that I have to be very literal with Lance, he needs to know what he's doing next, or to run with me, or Lance just stops! I also got to try out Lance's new toy in class today. I got him a Tug It to work on is tugging skills (it's stuffed with food and oozes out threw the open weave when he tugs hard) and have been trying to use it to throw forward and keep him from coming back to me after each obstacle. I think it will help alot, but right now Lance will tug with it like crazy, but won't go after it if thrown as a reward yet.

I decided to leave Vito at home in his kennel today instead of torturing him in the kennels at TCOTC. I threw in a pigs ear and cow hoof, crossed my fingers, and left. I also set up a video camera, so when I came home today I watched it to see how he did. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that he chewed on a pigs ear for 63minutes! Generally he doesn't eat any bones if he can't see us, so that is very exciting. Plus an hour is a long time! However, at 65 minutes, Vito wanted out and seemed to realize we weren't there. Commenceforth soft whimpers, followed by loud screams, thrashing in the kennel, and finally lots of panting. Unfortunately I didn't get to see if he eventually calmed down as my battery died after 1hr 25mn of recording. When I got home he was quiet, but who knows for how long. And it's possible I reinforced an hour of crying by coming home at that moment :(

But Vito can now jump on the cool footstool. Yay Vito!

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