Bone Wars

Vito and Lance had an epic battle today. Well it was more like the game of Risk, were each player plans, takes their move, and then waits for their opponent to go.

I gave each of the dogs a cowhoof today. Normally I don't buy them since they are really smelly once slobbered, but I got them hoping Vito would chew on it at Lance's agility class this past week
(no such luck). So both were very excited about the prospect of a smelly bone. Since I've been making Vito eat any bones in his kennel, and Lance likes to eat his there anyway, both quickly munched away in their respective kennels. Until...Vito becomes obsessed with Lance's bone (or his kennel, or Lance himself, who knows!). I yell at Vito to leave him alone, but the next time I look over there he is again! This time I get up and walk on over only to find not one, but two bones in Lance's kennel. That cheeky dog ran into Vito's kennel and stole his bone when I wasn't looking.

For the next hour I was constantly looking over to find either a)Vito in Lance's kennel chewing on Lance's bone, b)Lance in his kennel guarding 2 bones, or c)both in the living room trying to eye each other for the slightest chance they would be able to steal a bone undetected!

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