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So update on the peeing problem- Vito does not have diabetes insipidus after all. We took him to our trusted ferret vet who recommended taking him off the meds and collecting a urine sample from him first thing in the morning. If he is able to concentrate his urine after not having water all night, then he can't have DI. So after having to invade Vito's privacy for a couple days, and being scared to open certain drawers of our fridge, we tested all the samples. Based on the results, the vet thinks that Vito just has Psychogenic Polydypsia. Which basically just means they have no idea why, but Vito has an unhealthy obsession with water. Chances are he'll outgrow it!

And already we've noticed improvements. He still will sit at the water dish sometimes, but he has been going outside a lot less. When he has to come to Petsmart with me he can hold it for over an hour while I'm teaching classes!!!

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