Separation Anxiety

Ok, I've finally broke down and admitted that Vito has a mild form of separation anxiety. It's not just frustration, but actual anxiety. Not good. On Thursday I went half an hour early to Lance's agility class so I could work with Vito in the crate. He really is learning to love his kennel....with the door open. He will stay in there while I walk 20ft away, come when I call, and then before I can even tell him to "kennel up" he sprints back to an open kennel. However, as soon as the door is closed he needs a treat every 10 seconds before he starts a panic attack. So during class, I quickly shunned Vito back to the crate room so I wouldn't have to hear his shrieking. After class I went to get him and he was surprisingly quiet. However, as soon as I opened the door I was attacked by one of those monkeys with velcro on all paws. He jumped into my arms and was shaking. I spent another half hour after class working on his kennel again.

At daycare he has also started whining when I have to leave the small dog area for a bit. Even for just a couple of seconds. Luckily he is fine in there if I'm gone for awhile, but when he sees me leaving he freaks. On the positive side he is good if left with Lance. I can leave him and Lance in the kitchen at daycare together, or in an expen, and overall Vito does ok with that. But I don't want him to have to be reliant on Lance to feel safe. I'm kind've at a loss though on what else to do. It seems like we are doing everything right.

This is Vito's girlfriend, Harleigh. Harleigh is a couple of days older than Vito and is a rottie/lab mix. They love making out underneath the playground equiptment. I tried to discourage them on Friday by lifting up the little castle, but as soon as it was back on the ground they raced under it to play again. Vito's in love.

Oh, and we finally got his meds Thursday evening, but haven't noticed any difference. He's only getting one nasal spray though, so we might have to up it to 2 (the recommended dose).
Vito weighs about 13lb now and is 14weeks old.

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