Vito's 15 wks video

This is most of the stuff we've been working on since we got him. I am also in the process of teaching Vito to stand in a dish (we're up to 3 paws in), back up, retrieve, and cross his paws the other way.

The biggest thing we're still having problems with is Vito being calm and quiet when left alone. At home he's getting pretty good. He's quiet anytime we're in the bedroom with him, and for the most part he's quiet even if we're in the living room as long as he can see us. Most days he's even quiet if he can't see us as long as he know we're there. But leaving him alone is still a big deal. I left him alone on Thursday for Lance's agility class again and he was fine for 40mn chewing his bone, but then paced, panted, and screamed for at least 40 mn straight. The video camera died, but I"m assuming he cried for over an hour. And at daycare he's gotten worse when they put him in a kennel for nap. It's just for 5-15minutes until I free him to go home, but he's definitely gotten worse and won't even be quiet now when he can see people. *sigh*

At least Lance doesn't have a care in the world

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