Annual Trophy Match

Today I took the dogs to the club's trophy match. I decided to enter Lance in novice, even though we wouldn't be eligible for prizes since he has his CD, and decided to try open as well. Open was first and I really wasn't sure how it would go. Lance has never done a full broad jump before, he's hasn't done a retrieve over a full jump yet, and we haven't done a drop on recall in months! I was able to practice a bit before it was our turn and then just crossed my fingers.

He did ok on the heel off leash, not great but ok. His figure 8 required some cues for attention, but it wasn't that bad either. His drop on recall was amazing, and then we did the retrieve on flat. Lance stood up after the toss, but did a great retrieve! We've come along way considering he wouldn't pick up anything in his mouth less then a year ago. For the retrieve over the high jump I had a decent throw, and he actually did it correctly, yay! And I was happy that I had decent throws without hitting any of the jumps :) His broad jump was quite interesting. He actually jumped over the broad jump nicely intead of stepping on it like I thought he would, however after he jumped it Lance looked at me, and since he didn't get a treat thought that something MUST be wrong! Lance decided that just maybe I did want him to step all over the boards after all so went back to do just that :P It was very cute, I could just see his face light up with glee when he figured out that touching the boards must be the answer!

However, in the novice class Lance was an absolute mess. His brain was totally fried and couldn't heel to save his life. I decided to get out a treat before the off leash heel, so Lance got one treat before we started the exercise and performed perfectly on the off leash! Silly puppy. So we NQed in both events, but I'm very proud of his first time in the open class!

And in other great news, Vito came and did amazing in his crate! Adam was giving lots of treats, but Vito was able to stay quiet in his kennel while Adam walked 20ft away and stayed away for a while. Progress! Vito also got to have a little bit of playtime with another corgi. Echo is 1yr old corgi that also needed a break from her kennel while her big sister was in the ring.
Vito's 15.5lbs now at 15wks

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